Slow Down, It’s Sunday

Every Sunday, ’tis nobler presents seven things that you may find inspiring, intriguing and informative. Enjoy!

A mesmerising a capella performance by Local Vocal.

Peter, the Wild Boy.

Has anything really changed for Orwell’s ‘outcasts’ in the 80 years since the publication of ‘Down and Out in Paris and London’?

The heady thrill of having nothing to do.

What sort of short film could you make if it could only last 3 minutes and contain just (the same) 6 lines of dialogue (What is that? It’s a unicorn. Never seen one up close before. Beautiful. Get away, get away. I’m sorry.)? Here is the winner of the 2011 Phillips Constrained Cinema “Tell It Your Way’ competition.

Beyond Einstein – is Phase Space (rather than space-time) the concept that will finally unite general relativity and quantum mechanics?

The theft and recovery of the Mona Lisa – did you know it had been stolen?


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