Slow Down, It’s Sunday

Every Sunday, ’tis nobler presents seven things that you may find inspiring, intriguing and informative.  Enjoy!

Forget your fancy slopes, skiing IN Nelson, British Columbia is exhilarating!

By changing meaning (silly once meant happy), through errors (sweetheart was originally sweetard) and a range of other ways – how new words are created.

An introductory guide to quantum computing.

Best photos of 2011 from Reuters,  or these, described as the 45 most powerful images of 2011, and the photos of the year from In Focus (with links to Parts 2 and 3).

Cities ON the sea – is seasteading in our future?

Misery Bear discovers that ‘creating a new you’ by using a Happiness Machine doesn’t make people happy.

The evolved self-management system.


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