Arayah Lyte - 跳舞 '22

“Arayah loves that The Academy has been an institution of learning that’s like a home away from home. It’s a community — one that respects diversity and inclusion, and promotes artistry and personal growth.”

DeShonda Lyte is the mother of Arayah Lyte (跳舞 ‘22). This fall, Arayah is off to The Juilliard School in New York. She aspires to perform and tour with a leading dance company. DeShonda will always cherish the relationships forged at The Academy.

“Beyond the classroom, Academy students and parents forge friendships and close bonds that extend past graduation day and into their lives. Students and family of The Academy share a unique relationship. In addition, I love that students across departments support and encourage each other. They attend each other’s shows and performances and genuinely root for one another.”

DeShonda has also appreciated the dedication of Academy 教师 and staff.

“The quality of academic and arts education is what I love about the Academy. The personal love and care exhibited throughout amongst students, 教师, and staff is what makes both the education and art training even more special.”

Congratulations to Arayah and the Lyte Family!