Bazyli Siwek - 音乐 '22

“Bazyli thrived at The Academy both as a musician and academically due to the great balance that the school provides for the two. The school fosters very deep personal connections between students and faculty, connections that I’m sure will last a lifetime.”

Irena Siwek is the mother of Bazyli Siwek (音乐 ‘22). Bazyli will attend Manhattan School of 音乐 this fall! Throughout the past four years, Irena has loved the inclusivity of the Academy community.

“I love the sense of community, the artistic vibe, and the talent reflected all over the school in both teachers and students. You meet amazing people from all walks of life and artistic backgrounds. And you can attend an endless number of world-class productions, concerts, and exhibits. I particularly love the annual Senior-Choreographed 跳舞 Concert. It is an event that we plan to attend even after our student graduates from The Academy.”

Congratulations to Bazyli and the Siwek Family!